Mindfulness | How To Be in Harmony With Yourself

When I started to practice mindfulness, everything changed for me.

I know, it sounds dramatic. But I’m serious.

By nature, I’m impulsive, loud and have a tendency to run on autopilot.

And I’m talking severe autopilot. Like, setting my phone down and 5 minutes later having no recollection of where I put it down or the action of putting it down. But with everything. Constantly. This drives Dylan crazy.

And the volume of my voice… well, I’m loud. I get loud when I’m excited. And I’m an excitable person, sooo it happens a lot.

I also tend to act and speak without thinking of the consequences. Sometimes it works out, but usually gets me into trouble.

There’s a solution for this: being more mindful. 

To be mindful is to be aware of what’s going on right now- to what you’re currently experiencing, thinking and feeling. To be paying attention to the current moment without judging.

It’s a real game changer, you guys.

When you are mindful, you are embracing all of life’s moments. 

You are intentional in your actions.

You are paying attention on purpose.

You are accepting of what you are experiencing internally and externally without judgement.

When you have nonjudgemental awareness, you are not judging whether what you are experiencing is good or bad.

It’s to feel what is happening, to accept it and to allow it to pass. Note that this doesn’t mean that you don’t recognize that the experience is pleasant or unpleasant. It just means that you do not react to this experience on an emotional level.

Mindfulness is not a 3-step solution you practice once and you’re done. It’s a healthy lifestyle. It’s a way to really live in the moment.

I’m not perfect. I’m not in the state of mindfulness 100% of the time. My thoughts wander. But that’s okay. Whenever I realize that I have lost my center, I gently nudge myself to find my way back. I’m not hard on myself when this happens. What’s important is that I recognized that I wandered off my path and I got back on track.

Being more mindful helps you build a better relationship with the most important person in your life- yourself.

You start to pay more attention to what brings you joy and what doesn’t. You are able to recognize what’s bringing negativity and toxicity into your life.

It also helps you control your negative thoughts. One thing I’ve found is that you can completely change an experience by changing your perspective. And that you are in control your thoughts. You are in control of your attitude toward your life and the world around you.

I’ve had people make countless comments to me at work about how I am so chipper majority of the time. I’ve been told that people think that it’s fake and that nobody can be this happy all the time. Well, they’re wrong. I choose to see life and my experiences in a positive light. I am this way by choice. I WANT to be happy. I choose to see the glass half-full. And nobody can take that away from me.

My experience with mindfulness started when I was talking to my former therapist about things I wanted to change about myself. Like my problem with word vomit. You know that person in your life that makes you think “did she really just say that?” Yeah… that’s me.

Anyway, she told me that I needed to be more mindful. And that I needed to reflect before I speak. She told me that a lot of the things that were going wrong in my life could be fixed if I were to be more mindful.

Fast forward a few years and mindfulness is still something I practice on a daily basis. Being more mindful has improved my relationship with myself and with Dylan, friends, family, coworkers etc. When you slow down and really allow yourself to experience what is happening in the present moment, you’ll start to see the world differently. You’ll notice a reduction in stress, improve your focus, reduce burnout and heal your soul.


How to Practice Mindfulness

I know that it’s hard to slow down. I know it’s hard to live in the present when there is so much going on. We live in a world where we are constantly stimulated. Our time is valuable to us and we don’t like top have our time wasted. I get it. But I’m telling you, practicing mindfulness is one of the best things that you can do for your well being.

Here’s how to start with mindfulness:

♡ Forgive the past

♡ Let go of expectations

♡ Focus on your breath

♡ Engage your senses

♡ Observe the present moment

♡ Release any judgement

♡ Practice gratitude

♡ Reflect before responding


Try it. RIGHT NOW. 

I’ll leave you with that.

I’m off to walk Nala and relax a little before work tonight



PS: These pictures are from the Self-Realiziation Meditation Gardens in Encinitas, CA

If you ever have the opportunity to stop by, I highly recommend it.

It’s so beautiful and peaceful






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