Who’s The New Girl?

Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Nicole.

I was born and raised in Southern California and I’m currently residing in the valley with my boyfriend, Dylan, and our sweet pup, Nala. Here we are:


I’m attending a local community college as a full-time student as well as working full-time as a pharmacy technician. I would have to say that I do have a lot on my plate with work, school, puppy parenting, taking care of myself, maintaining a relationship, a social life and a clean home,  but I manage to keep a pretty good balance. ( I’ll share my secrets on how I maintain my sanity, don’t worry 😉 )

One very important lesson I’ve learned is that it SO important to take care of yourself.  I will share with you the ways I take care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m on a mission to discover new products and foods that are beneficial and free of those nasty chemicals that we’ve been unaware of for so long! I want to share my discoveries with you and hear what you have to say. Why should we keep it to ourselves?!

I am very passionate about animals and of animal rights. I am strongly against animal testing and refuse to purchase from any companies that test on animals themselves, or purchase ingredients from companies that do. With that being said, I will only feature products from companies that are organic and cruelty-free.

I’m going to keep it real and I’m going to be realistic. I’ll show you things that are affordable. I won’t brush uncomfortable topics under the rug. There are issues that need to have a light shed on them. I’m here to make it happen.

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