why you need to have a date night


Ok guys…

I’ll just throw it out there. I’m a sucker for romance.

I’ll admit. I’m falling under the female stereotype.  I want all of that cliche shit- rose petals, candles, the whole sha-bang ( I’ve been spoiled before, soo my expectations are high )

I love a good date night.

So, I’ll just tell you something that I think should already be obvious… 

Every couple needs a date night

Date night is my favvvv. I love the nights where Dylan and I do something we love together. Like where we get to really talk to each other and hang out without the constant stimuli of everyday life. It helps with intimacy.

Date night is different than a typical night having dinner together or just hanging out at home. It’s where you spend time focusing solely on each other. And as Dylan and I call it, a “no-phone-zone.”

If your phone rings, don’t answer it, ok?

I don’t care if it’s your mother or your best-friend.

It’s date-night, bye!

Obviously this doesn’t apply if there is an emergency or some kind of situation like that ! *eye roll*

date night on the beach

Date night keeps the passion alive

Call me jaded, but I’ve been in a relationship where the passion has completely died.

At least it died for me.

It kind of felt like we had just became best friends. Pals. Homies. Except we had sex.

One of the many things I learned from previous relationships is how significant making time your partner is. And by make time, I don’t mean to sit across from each other on your phones. Use the time to make it about BOTH of you & your relationship together. Talk with each other. Like a real conversation. Or just do something that the both of you love. For example, Dylan and I love cooking new meals together.

Think of your date night as a garden-waterning sesh, k?

You need to do that shit to help it grow & stay alive!

*puts hand up for that high-5 i know you’re gonna give me since that shit was deep*

Without date-night, yawwwn. Not so exciting.

If you don’t have date night, what do you guys do? I’m curious! The only thing I can remember from my relationships without a regular date night is how I was so damn bored. At least that’s for when the relationship became long-term. The beginning of a relationship’s a whole different story.

The beginning of a relationship is exciting. Things are new, the experience is fresh. It’s awesome. You’re going on dates, meeting new people & nothing annoys you about your partner yet LOL

But don’t just stop date nights once it starts to simmer down.

Here’s the way I see it-

You are constantly changing, so is your partner. Like the person that you met years ago isn’t the person they are now, right?

I’ve lived with Dylan for a year now and I still feel like there are a ton of things I’m still learning about him. And I LOVE to learn about him. Isn’t that how it should be? Shouldn’t you like getting to know your partner? Learning what they’re about?

I think so.

And when you get too comfortable?

Well, I think that once that happens, your relationship is doomed. ( unless you catch it ! )

Complacency kills relationships. I think that date night is a great way to keep things exciting and fun. It also helps you and your partner appreciate each other. Having a date night shows that you and your partner are putting effort into the relationship.

I mean, if you actually give a shit about date night, it’ll definitely stop you from being lazy.

I’m not a dinner and a movie type of girl ( sometimes, but every week? no thanks! )

I try to make date night different every time. Sure we will repeat activities, but I like to switch it up. We would both get bored doing the same thing all the time.

Here’s a tip: WARNING X-RATED !

  • bring fun into the bedroom on date night

What I mean is make it good. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be boring. Do something special. If your partner likes lingerie, consider getting something new. If they like that thing you do, do that thing.

kissing on date night in ventura


Did you read that as shouting? I hope you did. Because I definitely raised my voice for that one.

I think that implementing a regular date night is one of best things I could have done with my relationship. Without date night, I think I’d start to get bored and resentful ( not the biggest fan of the whole staying at home all the time routine )

Dylan and I have an incredibly strong relationship. I look forward to date night every week because that means I get to spend quality time with my honey. Every date night reminds me of how much I love Dylan and how much I value our relationship.

What about you guys? Do you and your boyfriend/girlfriend do date night?

Or have any date night ideas for me? Let me know!




PS: It’s Thursday, so you have plenty of time to plan a date night this weekend 😉


kissing his cheek on the beach

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  • Reply Elizabeth April 30, 2017 at 1:29 am

    I agree! Keeping the romance alive is sooo important in a relationship. I’ve been married for almost three years now and we got an opera tix subscription this year so that we would have a set date every two weeks! It’s been so cool!!!

    • Reply nicoleking April 30, 2017 at 2:16 am

      Hi Elizabeth! What’s that?? that’s awesome! my friend recently told me about a subscription date night box. gonna have to try it out!

      xx Nicole

      • Reply Elizabeth June 2, 2017 at 8:06 am

        Hey Nicole, It’s like a package of tickets at a discount for a certain number of performances. It’s also great because it supports the arts! If you check out your local opera company or symphony or ballet or theater or whatever kind of arts you like they probably have a subscription package you can get 🙂

  • Reply Jessica May 15, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. Date nights are truly important to keep things exciting in your relationship!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • Reply nicoleking May 15, 2017 at 9:24 pm

      Yesss definitely! I had a friend say that she doesn’t go on dates with her boyfriend anymore because they’ve been together for so long… I’m like ok, you do you, but I’ll never stop dating my boyfriend! lol xx nicole

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